It all started on October 12, 2017. It was his birthday and the day I realized my feelings for him. And October 12, 2018, i finally decided to put an end to the suffering that began months ago. While trying to process the breakup. For a while I forced myself to think rationally. I told […]

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The nightmare

You took away my pride from me. I know it’s been some time and I should let it go. I’m trying.. Do you remember that night? I think about it everyday. It had been five cruel months without you. I had my exams going on. It was crazy, except you were coming home. I started […]

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My never ending depression

I have almost forgotten what happiness feels like. I’m bearing the burden of this existence for the sake of my family. I think I’m losing my mind. I need a way out. I wish someone understood me.. I wish someone cared.. I always cared and helped people out. Where do I get my karma for […]

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The Journey Begins

I have a history with depression and anxiety. I don’t even remember not being anxious anymore. My friends grew old of this and left. Therapy stopped being helpful a while ago. Ninety percent of my relationships end because of my anxiety. My career is non-existent and I live in my parents’ house. I wish people […]

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